Entry #2

Eh. That's a word, right?

2010-02-09 16:42:05 by SisyphusFalls

I'm modding the snow cam and trying to start the essay that should have been done Monday. Call me productive, but I simply won't believe you.

In other news, I'm not feeling too well but plan to get back to classes tomorrow. I'll be watching my own snow here in New York, but PA is still so much fun to keep tabs on. Y'all should join us!
Wade's Snow Cam!

There's quite a few NG users who drift about. If you spam, though, I WILL hunt you down. Just saying ;)

Take care, everyone. Stay warm and dry and productive. Here, have an LOL on the house:

And, hopefully, I'll submit some art to the portal this week. That's my goal!
See you soon ;)Wade's Snow Cam!

Eh. That's a word, right?


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