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Very Nice, As Always

If I see another Final Fantasy X-2...

And nice use of Saint-Saƫns "Fossils" at the end there. It's the little details that make it happen :)


You've always had an art for flash and story telling, but this is on a whole new plain. The tenderness combined with a little terror, artistic quality, the recurring eerie children's music, all wonderful and perfectly woven into another masterpiece. I'm so glad you've been working again! Please continue to be such a great leader in the flash animation realm. Best wishes, Zeurel!


Loved it...

Because it touches on the fact that both men AND women often look at just outward appearance. You have to be willing to see beyond.

As for the jab at the female gender, I like to think that I'm not exactly an ugly person, but I always look at personality first. Most of the extremely attractive men I know are morons. Besides, once you get to know someone, they may become more attractive to you. Nice animation, as always!

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No Boredom, Such innovation -

This was one of those "repetitive step" games that didn't bore me one bit. It was creative, innovative and always interesting. While some combinations were a little far-fetched at times, it kept me excited and involved until the very end. Sequel, please!

Great music, great idea, great little game. :)

Nice work!

Fun little side-scroller with good graphics, fun music and easy yet enjoyable game play with increasing difficulty. Keep it up! :)


His dad planned the whole thing as a scam to get on TV. But yeah, thanks for giving us a laugh at your expense. The kid's not dead.

Loved the game, even though it was simple and very basic because since we now know all the facts, the dad deserves to be the one in the balloon. Nice job!

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Made me skip, alright!

Sometimes a girl just has to stop skipping so the guys can have a turn. This made me smile on the inside.... AND the outside! :)

Nice start, Bobert! :D

Bobert-Rob responds:

Hah, well it more fits when chicks do it... unless they're wearing a skirt. Then it's just fan service. But seriously, I'm glad you enjoyed this! I do my best! :D

Person below me

Study some history. That's Kim Jong-il, dictator of Korea.

He's a MAN.

Wonderful drawing, love the ramen :D

I love Flash. I don't make it, I watch it. I critique it. I adore it. Making my way through college with Photography and Writing. Hah ;D

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